The Myth Debunked!

Hey every one. A study on human behavior(from I don’t know where), suggest that every human has some trait that makes him/her a tad bit fussy about something or the other in their lives. Being the human that I am, I too deliver my share of fuss for quite many things in the world. So, I decided to share with you all something that I presume you will be able to relate to.

How many of us use public restrooms and try to prevent touching the “gross and wet” handle of the door knob, just because we believe we will be instantly infected with threatening diseases. Well, I am one of those people , or was one of them until very recently I happened to come across a fact that resulted in the debunking of this very myth.

The University of Arizona, carried out a test that suggested that the door handles of a restroom have the least bacteria on its surface, even though a fairly disgusting amount of about 32% of people do not wash their hands after attending to what most people term as “nature’s call”. Thanks to the fact that most bacteria need a warm, moist environment to survive and can only live on hard, dry surfaces for a couple of hours, you’re pretty much in the clear.

Though such a myth is debunked today, I still suggest we take measures to wash our hands after the use of restrooms, just to help those people who have not yet read my blog and oh of course to keep our surroundings clean! 



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