Utopia or Dystopia ?

Hello folks! Being in a world full of people with different thoughts, motives, faces even, and coping up with the whole process of living in harmony , can prove to be a daunting task .Yet, we believe that restoring harmony and peace are the ultimate solutions to a happy society. So, how do we restore peace in a society that is so different from individual beliefs?

I stumbled upon this question one morning, while reading a magazine, and it struck to me that the reason we do not end up with desired results is because we try too hard to attain them. Trying too hard to attain results is an unnatural or temporary solution to the problem .I would like to compare this to something as simple as breathing. When we just go about doing things normally every day, we also breathe. We breathe without giving it too much thought, but the second we think about it, we start to make a conscious effort to breathe; and that effort of ‘correct breathing’ doesn’t stay too long, does it?

So, is the solution to a problem, ignorance? I doubt that too. While breathing, we don’t ignore it, but it simply lies in the background; our mind is just aware of its very occurrence. Psychologists term such a state as ‘Sensory Adaptation’. But adapting to a situation does not mean no action is taken. The probable solution to finding a permanent answer to a problem is changing the mind to adapt to the ‘Utopian world’ we all wish to live in .This will help all of us achieve that perfect solution to that imperfect situation, provided all our ideas of the “perfect world” is the same ! 😉



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