To be or not to be, bored?

“What are you waiting for?” sings Ellie Goulding, as I sit jaded, on a rolling chair, that only adds fire to the existing sentiment.

Time, it’s a funny thing. It was only a week ago, that I was sandwiched between long days and sleepless nights, fighting the battle of questions and answers. I chewed my notes and spat it out, like a lion would do, to its mundane prey. It was at this time, that I literally begged the lord for some time to have nothing to do, and to just be “bored”.

Today, I realize that God decided to answer my plea, rather seriously. Its been two days, and all I have been doing mm… well, I really can’t think of anything, because I have been doing NOTHING.

Now, this situation puts me in a fix. What do I wish for? To be or not to be, Bored? 😉


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