“Forgetting or being too lazy to grab a bite before you begin a long day, might not be a good idea. Not for you or the people accompanying you.”
I sit in a wedding this morning, trying to appreciate the effort put in by the family to make it a pleasant occassion for all those attending. As I look around, I can’t help but notice the diverse conversations that people are having, while the couple’s eyes stay set on the fire. I hear vaguely, conversations about Aadhar cards and  power cuts from the ladies. While the men have distracted conversations about the upcoming elections. But there is one topic that is discussed in highest frequency by both the sexes. This topic is so powerful that it can make or break any level of pleasantary offered by the couple and their families.
Slow whispers now turn into loud cries of joy. “Food has been served” remarked someone near the entrance only a few seconds ago… This seemed like the greatest pleasantary today. It was only a few minutes until the news spread, the dining hall filled up and the couple stood alone still gazing into the fire, only this time a little more famished than earlier.


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