Are you STAINED? 

STAINED – The word comes with such a negative connatation attached to it, doesn’t it? A taboo for most men, and a heart ache for most women on their cycle! 

But let’s think about it for a second, drop your guard now! Nobody’s going to hear you or judge you in your head.. 

I shut my eyes for a few seconds and gather quite a number of visual images within this time, as I think of the word STAIN. However, one image manages to get my special attention. 

Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t leave.. this is not going to be one of those articles glorifying a woman’s menstrual cycle. No, no. This is about the word Stained. This is about you. So, let’s return to my mind. Ever heard of Daag Ache Hain? Yes, I am talking about the detergent advertisement. Now, do you see where this article might be heading? If no, let me connect the dots for you! 

The Daag Ache Hain campaign is one of the very few campaigns (in my limited knowledge) that try and break the association of staining with anything negative. Inspired by the image of this campaign in my mind, I let the thought grow inside, only to be illuminated by the fact that STAINS are extremely positive things in today’s age and time. 

Most of us today are STAINED! You think I’m crazy.. but wait let me tell you why! Just look at yourself for a minute, in a mirror, in your phone camera, anything. What do you see? Let’s start from your head shall we? That’s a nice hair colour, isn’t  it? Your eyes, lined perfectly, your lips stained with that berry red, the tint you hunted for ages. What’s that? Manicured hands and pedicured feet? Do you see what’s happening here? 

All the stain on your body, only makes you so much more beautiful! Then why is Stain still associated with anything negative? Don’t you think it’s time we broadened our minds, just a little wider? 


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