The Time I Thought My Burn was a Chilli Flake!

While I dance around my house to “Work from Home”unabashed, I’m hit with a moment of eureka! Maybe I could work from home, and by that I mean cook myself dinner.

By the influence of all this English music, and the “wannabe firang” trying to explode from within me, I am forced to think of myself as a contestant from Master chef, “Australia”.  That’s when I decide to make Fusilli in Bechamel sauce. In my head that sounded very Master chef like…

But, hey it’s just pasta in white sauce.

I arrange all the ingredients I need, on the table, and play the “Best party songs 2015 playlist” on my laptop. I start with “blank space” and just when I’m almost at the end of “uptown funk”, which is probably the fifth song on the playlist, I decide to check if I’ve managed to make myself a decent meal. I taste it. And hey! It tastes much better than I expected, except… I needed some more spice.

I bend over and open the box of chilli flakes (my true savings from Dominoz). Tear open the sachets and drop it’s content into the pasta. A few flakes stick to my fingers in the process. And as I try and dust all the chilli flakes off my hand, I find one flake that just doesn’t budge.

That’s when I decide to take a closer look at this peculiar flake. And bam, it occurs to me that I have managed to somehow burn my finger. And what I’ve been trying to dust off for all this while is not a chilli flake, but an actual burn!

This was the true moment of eureka – I cannot distinguish between a burn and a chilli flake, and I dream of Master chef. Therefore, I walk to my laptop and change the song to Kala Chashma and decide to stick to “watching” Master chef, rather than trying to be one.

But, in my defense, my burn does look like a chilli flake 😛



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