Do you know, when you are truly ancient? When an eleven year old tells you that he’s got a Netflix ID and you’re still trying to figure out if it’s free.

Anyway, now that I’ve learnt how to share his Netflix ID, I’ve been investing a lot of my spare time watching shows and series, that have managed to push me of my seat (quite literally). The shows are great, I have tonnes of memes to tag my friends onto. But, there is one big problem!

I’ve forgotten to think!

Do you remember the time (an ancient time, perhaps) when the television was called an Idiot box? And your mom would call you a couch potato, when you sat in front of it all day? Well, I think that the whole “couch potato” phase is coming right back! Except this time, it’s coming back, not as a flu, but an incurable disease.

Maybe, you are a victim to this disease too! Let me point out a few symptoms of this disease and you can check for yourself.

  • When your friend asks you something while you are on your headphones, you cover up for the lack of a better reply, with a fake smile?
  • When someone is talking to you about something, you are instantly reminded of something similar that happened on a show, rather than your real life?
  • When photos are the only proof of a memory you had with someone…

If these are symptoms you see happening, let me warn you my friend, you might get yourself in some big trouble! But fret not, Dr. Seuss is here to help you. The cure is pretty simple.

All you got to do is

  • Use one headphone instead of two,
  • Make a moment, not just take one,
  • Watch shows, but don’t miss the details of reality.

And there you are, mastering the art of revolution and keeping in touch with reality at the same time.



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