Music, it’s such an essential part of our lives. We all believe that music has no language and can change moods faster than the gas prices in the country! We are all so hooked on to it (almost inseparably). But, there is something that we are hooked onto, more than music; it’s something you just can’t settle for.

There is something so special about it, that it changes our entire life experience. It makes travelling in a bus so much more dramatic, waiting for a rickshaw a lot more magnetic and life more fantastic. But all of this experience is only ours, and no one else’s.

I’m sure by now you guys must have guessed what I’m talking about. No? Well, I’m talking about EARPHONES!

Earphones, it’s such a great invention. But, there’s one big problem. They just won’t stay hooked to my ears. Let me tell you, more clearly what I mean. It was a hot day, and I was standing in a crowded local bus. Swaying from side to side, not just to the twists and turns of the bus, but also to my favourite track that was playing on my phone. Seems like a cliché scene from a movie, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what I thought. Until the conductor asked me to pay for my ticket. Not an unfair or complex demand. All I had to do was take the money out of my bag, right? Wrong.

bus 2

I shifted my weight to one side, and tried to look for the money inside my bag. And as I took the money out, the earphone on my right fell off my ear. Now, I had to balance my weight and my earphone – one that had awkwardly fallen half way down my shoulder and the other that was on the verge of falling out). Let me tell you, this is not the first time that I meet myself with such a situation.

I know this is not the greatest problem the world has, right now. But, in my defence – small problems make problem oceans. So, here’s me asking for help! Let me know if I am alone in this situation or if you’re with me on this, how do you deal with this?


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