Don’t let your Brain turn into ASH!


I sit sloppily on a couch, this Monday morning. Like every other normal human, I am lured by the television. I swap through a million channels, only to go back to watching what I watch every day. I hear my mom shout from the kitchen “Not again! Please do us all a favour and go back to sleep”, I pretend to be deaf and continue watching the girl in red delivering long and cumbersome dialogues to her prince charming.

There is something about these dialogues that influence the most confident women to look forward to a man on the horse. Someone, dreamers might call “soul mate”! However, once the movie is over, we go back to delving into topics about women being portrayed as damsels in distress, mere objects of sexual gratification and the like.

Today, I am not here to discuss whether this is correct or wrong. But, what I am here to talk about is how our minds, at least my mind, is so capable of switching between a million themes, within seconds of consuming data or information. From sitting without a purpose to delving into reflective subjects like objectification within a few minutes, amuses me.

Because, I am unsure of how to take this blog article forward, I immediately google “the speed of the brain”. And here’s a fun fact for all the commoners who probably did not pay attention in their 9th grade Biology class – the brain processes data no faster than 60 bits per second. This means the brain thinks faster than a bird, and slower than sound. My point being it’s pretty fast.

So, in conclusion to this “not so pointless article”, I’d like to request all of you to use the capability of the brain as much as possible (now, that there is proof of all our brain’s capability) and to produce the best outcomes, before it turns into ash!




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