The blog begins with a rant about me having to wake up earlier than I would on any other holiday. But, today the school has decided to orient parents about their children’s education and my mother has decided to make me her partner in crime.

So, here I am, trying to guide you through this process. We might just learn a thing or two, too!

STEP 1: The orientation begins on a great note. It begins with a remark on the low parent turnout. Definitely, a remark that has braced the parents for what is to follow!

STEP 2: This next step is one that will bother any one with an eye for aesthetics. The playing of the POWERPOINT. The PowerPoint begins with a great introduction to give the students independence and make school a fun experience. One will expect to be impressed with this start. However, the PowerPoint screams a different story. The black, size 14 font, in a dull, blue back ground really stressed on the kind of freedom the children might endure in their journey at school.

STEP 3: Stage three dabbles bravely into a field that is immensely sensitive, but is always addressed in a school gathering. Yes, you’ve guessed right. It is indeed DRESS CODE. The speech begins with a sarcastic remark about not allowing boy’s pierce their ears. It further floats into several other remarks like makeup, dress material and the like. No parent is seen to take offense of anything said, as all these remarks are made behind the curtains of discipline.

STEP 4: If stage two scared people with an eye for aesthetics and stage three scared away the liberals. Stage 4 scares the daylights out of the greatest IIT, IIM and CA pass outs. The tests, assessment and exam calculations! Clearly, I didn’t pay too much attention to this section.

STEP 5: Forum open to questions! This is when I raise my head in hope. But all fails. The questions are restricted to exams and uniforms. None that deal with fun, or independence, or learning.

So, here’s when I decide to stealthily take a step back, each one closer to the exit. So that I can go save my sibling, before all the claws drag him into this maze. And, perhaps, remind him that we are in 2017, and all that matters is his presence of mind and the fulfillment of his true desires!!


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