“A man never knows how to say goodbye; a woman never knows when to say it.” And in this awkward battle of goodbyes, there are times when we actually discover many entities that we might have said “hello” to at some point in time. Now, here’s a list of a few things that all of you might have welcomed in your life, but must have forgotten about, eventually. So get ready and get set, to go on a journey that might frame-up all your loyalties!


umbrella 1

We all have experienced wonderful memories from our childhood. We are so much in love with them that we hold on to them (well, maybe we don’t, but our closets certainly do). Soon, our closet is filled with all kinds of stuff – from abandoned teddy bears, secret sheets of paper filled with futuristic games like “FLAMES” to torn Pokémon cards that came as return gifts on birthdays and definitely an umbrella that’s too small for our heads.


bills, receipts

We know this one is true, no matter how much we deny it. We might be impulsive, but we were all spoilt to believe that saving tickets or bills from special dates, was the greatest way of expressing our love. Another time we’d often find ourselves saving bills, would be to avail the one-month return policy at malls – maybe for a dress or a pair of shoes. Clearly, none of us ever returned a thing we bought.


The most dreaded part of cleaning the closet is to find our archaic clothes and feeling super excited… until, you realize that these don’t fit. And you have to come to terms with the fact that these are clothes from a different lifetime. Those pants that won’t go any higher than your thighs, those cute t-shirts that are now customised to fit your arms, it’s time we give them away.


Every closet has a few items, hidden somewhere behind the clothes (sometimes even under them) that we can never make any sense of. Yes, you heard me right. You got these items sinking in despair, even as you read this. Broken hangers, hooks from a dress that you no longer own, mishandled earphones or a sock that has been separated from its pair, shoe lace, curvy straws, ear buds or cotton balls, pen pencil caps… And the list goes on, depending on each of your bizarre fetishes.

But hey, do yourself a favour and chuck these, please. Because when you finally clean out your closet for good, peace replaces guilt, joy replaces frustrations of loyalty, and like every happy movie evil is replaced by love!


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